Mindful Webinar - Tools for Getting Unstuck.


Tools for Getting Unstuck.

Feeling stuck is a common experience faced by us. It shows up at various stages in life. It happens when we are trying to make decisions, dealing with difficult situations, facing uncertainty, unresolved conflict, stress that has been unmanaged can land us in that stuck place. When it shows up, it creates anxiety, blocks our creativity, brings up judgment and wastes a lot of our time.

This highly interactive workshop offers powerful, easy to use tools that will help you through your stuck situation. Hence we recommend you to attend this webinar daily so that you are exposed to the various tool.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:
Identify what is keeping you stuck
Ask questions that will clarify what is making other people feel stuck
Find new perspectives on old problems
Use several tools that make both choosing and taking action easier and more powerful.

What do I do next?

Register here. On the day of each webinar, you will receive an email from Sameeta.ks@gmail.com. In that email, you will receive your guide book and also links to attend the webinar.

About the speakers

Monday, 25th May 2020 (9 pm to 10 pm) - Sulynn Choong, Positive Psychologist

What is this session about?
Figure out what ‘stuck’ looks like and being able to discern the best strategy to get unstuck.

Who should attend?
Anyone who thinks they are stuck and wants to get unstuck.

Tuesday, 26th May 2020 ( 9 pm to 10 pm ) - Siti Hajar, Coach

What is this session about?
Experiencing live Group Coaching and you can participate on a first come first serve basis. The first 3 who contact Hajar will be able to participate in live coaching where she will support you in getting unstuck. Email her at hajar.protege@gmail.com latest by 22nd May 2020.

Who should attend?
People who would want to experience coaching via live coaching by a professional certified Coach. Do come with a goal in mind and you may be the lucky one to experience coaching and go home with a new perspective in life.

Wednesday, 27th May 2020 ( 9 pm to 10 pm ) - Bavani, a gratitude speaker, advocate and coach

What is your session about?
We will be sharing on gratitude and how it plays a role in both mental and physical state

Who should attend?
Anyone who wants to experience more positive emotions, build strong relationships and have better energy

Why you should attend?
Experience how few simple gratitude exercises can bring differences in life

Thursday, 28th May 2020 ( 9 pm to 10 pm) - Nor Azhar Ishak, Master Accelerated Learning Practitioner

What is your session about?

Guided imagery is the process of using the images actively. When we use imagery, we can increase concentration, focus and sharpen memory skills. The use of positive and relaxing images also helps us to reduce stress. Athletes mentally imagine their moves, their success. Successful business people create visions for success. Therapists use guided imageries to heal, to enable clients to move beyond situation hindering them in their lives. Trainers use it to get people excited about the learning that is going to happen. It has potential for effective learning too. Students can use it to improve their studies. Teachers can use it to teach content. This can be done by taking someone through a process to be learned by allowing them to travel through a plant experiencing photosynthesis, exploring the solar system, take a journey into the digestive system to name a few.

I’ll give an overview of Guided Imagery by giving a simplified explanation and illustrate with examples. I’ll also touch on how it is used for mindfulness and also as a technique to deliver teaching and learning content for education.

I’ll share some guided imagery exercises for you to have a feel about it. The examples will serve as an introduction on how it is used for mindfulness and also as a teaching tool.

Who should attend?

Individuals who are interested to know about Guided Imagery and how it can help you get ‘unstuck’ in your challenges.
Parents seeking techniques for mindfulness and to help their kids in their study.
Teachers who would like to learn a technique to teach challenging content.
Anyone who would like to try out a peace of mind technique!

Why you should attend?

I highly recommend it to parents to check it out. My kids, students and also teachers who attended my training have enjoyed it. I believe that guided imagery can help parents to help their kids to be mindful, help them to manage their stress level and as a way to train our minds to increase our focus. It will be useful for all of us since this MCO period is trying times. In another word, this could be one way to get unstuck with challenges; mind, body and soul.
I’ll also share how I used Guided Imagery to help teachers with some ideas on teaching challenging topics. The technique is not widely used in Malaysia but teachers who have learned the techniques have benefited from it. So I encourage educators to check it out. Parents also can use it with their children.

Friday, 29th May 2020, ( 9 pm to 10 pm) - Alvin Gan, Managing Emotions Through Tension Release Exercise

What is your session about?
To practice and become the master of your emotion

Who should attend?
People who are looking for new possibilities in life

Why you should attend?
If you would like to create peace of mind and create results in life.
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